Mrs. Davenport's DIY Bake Shop

Create your Happiest Baking Experience at Home.

In the near future,  we'll be ready to deliver to your door - hopefully anywhere in the world - our Classic Gourmet Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie fillings and our unique all-natural, non-GMO homegrown sweet potato food products including honey, agave, and sugar-free pie fillings using at least three different sweet potato varieties for a wholesome, classic variety of tastes and flavors.

Perfect for the holidays, for birthdays, even just to treat yourself at home.

Until then, as we stay safe, why not relax with some beautiful new kitchen ware, learn how to bake your own classic sweet potato pie the way our grandmothers and aunts did down South, and look around and upgrade your kitchen utensils and bakeware in our

DIY Bake Shop!

10% of the profit from each sale from now until August 1st will go to Feeding America, including gift card purchases, and the rest will go towards the purchase of sweet potato farmland for our family business here in Colorado and taking care of our growing family.

Thank you for your support!

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